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Frequently Asked Questions

What does choice gas mean?

Energy deregulation means that your state allows consumer choice for natural gas suppliers through what’s called the choice gas program. Here’s how choice gas works: your utility still delivers natural gas to your home or business, but your energy will come from a competitive supplier—like us. After switching suppliers, the only difference you’ll notice will be your bill. If you don’t choose your own natural gas supplier, your supply will be handled by the utility.

Will I experience an interruption in service when I switch?

No. we ensure you there will be no interruption in your service. If you already have service with us and you are experiencing an interruption in service, leave immediately on foot and go directly to a safe location, then call your gas utility company and 9-1-1. Alert your neighbors, warn others to stay away from the leak, and never try to repair a natural gas leak yourself.

Who do I make payments to now that I’ve switched?

Your bill continues to come from the utility. One line item changes saying the natural gas is being supplied by Symmetry Energy Solutions.

When will my service begin?

Your service will begin as soon as you sign up. If there are any interruptions, call your local utility.

What’s the difference between you and my utility?

Symmetry Energy Solutions is a natural gas supplier, which means we're buying natural gas for your home or business and providing it to the utility for them to deliver. The utility is responsible for things like getting the gas to you through lines, handling any infrastructure work and dealing with emergencies such as leaks and outages. Your utility doesn’t own the gas you buy, it merely gets it to you safely and reliably.

Why make the switch to Symmetry Energy Solutions?

There are lots of good reasons. In addition to our outstanding customer service, we offer you better options for your natural gas needs including a range of competitive, easy-to-understand plans for your home or business.

What if I have already selected another gas provider?

Provided you’re in our service area, you can still switch your service to us even if you’ve already selected another provider. Depending on your contract and state, you may have to pay an early termination fee—or wait until your state’s supplier selection period. We encourage you to contact your current supplier for more information regarding your contract terms.

Do I need to call my utility company before or after I sign up with Symmetry Energy Solutions?

No, you don’t but you will need your utility account number handy. We’ll handle everything with your utility. After signing up, you’ll get a service confirmation letter along with details about your plan. You can always call us with any questions that come up along the way.

Is it really that simple to switch my natural gas provider?

Yes, it is. Check out our rate plans online and enroll today, or call us at 888-200-3788 and let us know you’re ready to make the switch and we’ll take care of the rest. Most importantly, there will be no service interruption.

Who do I call if I have an issue with my natural gas service?

You will still call your utility. They will be responsible in the event of any service interruption or emergency.

I smell natural gas in my area. What should I do?

If you smell even the slightest odor of natural gas, which generally smells like rotten eggs or sulfur, you should leave immediately on foot and go directly to a safe location, then call your gas utility company and 9-1-1. Alert your neighbors, warn others to stay away from the leak, and never try to repair a natural gas leak yourself.

I am planning on doing some work near my home. Should I call and let the utility know?

If you are working in the area, and you aren’t sure whether there is a natural gas line near you, call 8-1-1 before digging. They’ll let you know of any natural gas lines near your project, and if so, how to plan accordingly.

Still have questions?

We have answers! Call 888-200-3788 or email Our customer service team stands ready to answer any question regarding your service.

Please note that all service interruptions, leaks or construction questions should be posed to your utility.