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Nebraska is a deregulated state, and deregulation is all about giving the consumers the power to choose a natural gas supplier.

Here's how it works: The utility company delivering the gas to your home or business doesn't change. They continue to deliver the gas to you, read the meter, and send you the bill. The only difference is that the natural gas supply line item on that bill will be from us. What you get is the power to choose who you purchase the natural gas from, and at what price.

We purchase that gas and put it in the utility's distribution system. This happens with many utility companies in the U.S. In fact, the Symmetry Energy Solutions team of experts has a legacy of providing competitive natural gas plans to large commercial, small business, and residential customers across the country.

We help you take control of your natural gas costs and help you find the plan that’s right for your needs—and your budget. With a range of easy-to-understand, value-centered plans and backed by one of the most trusted names in the industry, find out why thousands of customers trust us to supply their natural gas.

The 2020 enrollment period for Nebraska residential and commercial customers has now ended. If you have questions or need assistance, call us at 888-200-3788.

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To learn more about deregulation check out some FAQs.


  • Nebraskans served by Black Hills Energy can choose their own natural gas supplier during the annual selction period each year in April
  • We provide service to more than 100,000 customers in over 30 states
  • Reliability is a hallmark of our industry and we deliver reliable service to customers across the U.S.

Utilities We Serve

  • Black Hills Energy

Choice Gas Default Rates

Division Fixed Rate Market Index Rate Managed Rate
Western $0.419 per Therm CIG plus $0.159 per Therm $0.419 per Therm
Central $0.419 per Therm CIG plus $0.159 per Therm $0.419 per Therm

Comparison of Rate Options
The pricing options offered by us generally consist of two types of pricing; fixed and variable. These general pricing types are combined in various ways to make up our price offerings. View a comparison of the rate offerings.

Pricing Type % of Price Fixed Pricing Info Known Forward Looking Fixed Items Good For
Fixed Rate 100% Pricing for all volumes used Yes, rate is same each month Entire Choice Gas year
Index (Market) Rate 0% Index adder Yes, index value changes monthly (adder constant) Entire Choice Gas year
Managed Price (Variable) Varies None Yes, includes combination of gas hedges and monthly purchases N/A

Fixed Prices
The fixed prices are just that; a price that is constant for the entire period over which it is offered. This pricing option is forward-looking in that the fixed price is established before the gas is consumed. The price is guaranteed to be the price offered – no changes, no surprises. This type of product is effective when price certainty or adhering to a budget are important.

Variable Prices
Variable prices are prices that follow the wholesale gas market. Price indexes published by certain gas trade journals who poll buyers and sellers to establish gas pricing in certain geographic areas are utilized for these prices. Some of these are pipeline indexes (CIG Rockies, Northwest Pipeline Rockies) and some are at market centers (Opal Hub, Cheyenne Hub). For the Nebraska area, the pipeline or market center indexes reflecting Rockies pricing generally are a better basis for market index pricing. Market index prices are generally quoted in two parts; the index value and the adder. The index value represents the value of wholesale gas into the pipeline or at the market center represented by that index. The adder includes all the other costs to deliver the gas into the distribution system, including upstream transportation (if applicable), risk costs and other costs to service the gas to your location. The adder is constant for the entire Choice Gas Program year while the index value changes from month-to-month. Market index rates expose the customer to monthly gas price changes, but protect the customer from daily price fluctuations. The price represented by the index value plus the adder is the same for the entire month.

Managed Prices
Our Managed Price product aims to provide customers with a competitive rate each and every month. We constantly monitors the natural gas market. In a typical market, we purchase portions of natural gas allowing us to reduce the impact of sudden market price increases and still take advantage of market price decreases when they occur. Your price may adjust monthly as our energy managers work to deliver you a competitive rate. The rate is based on our assessment of gas supply costs including, but not limited to, the cost of securing the gas provided to customers, market conditions, historical costs, and future cost projections. Specific costs that may be considered include, but are not limited to, transportation, fuel, storage, pooling fees, balancing, and basis.

Nebraska Choice Gas Program Service Areas
Ainsworth, Albion, Alliance, Amherst, Ansley, Arapahoe, Arcadia, Archer*, Atlanta, Assumption*, Atkinson, Axtell, Bartley, Bassett, Bayard, Beaver City, Belden, Belgrade, Benedict, Benkelman, Bertrand, Berwyn, Big Springs, Bladen, Bloomfield, Bloomington, Blue Hill, Brady, Bridgeport, Broadwater, Broken Bow, Brule, Burwell, Byron, Cairo, Cambridge, Campbell, Cedar Rapids, Chadron, Champion*, Chapman, Chappell, Chester, Clay Center, Clearwater, Clinton, Coleridge, Comstock, Cowles, Cozad, Crawford, Creighton, Crofton, Curtis, Dalton, Danbury, Dannebrog, Darr*, Davenport, Deshler, Doniphan, Edgar, Edison, Elgin, Elm Creek, Elwood, Elyria, Emmet, Enders*, Eustis, Ewing, Fairfield, Farnam, Foster, Franklin, Fullerton, Funk, Geneva**, Genoa, Gering, Gibbon, Giltner, Glenvil, Gordon, Gothenburg, Grant, Greeley, Guide Rock, Gurley, Hartington, Harvard, Hay Springs, Hazard, Heartwell, Hebron, Hemingford, Henderson, Henry, Hershey, Hildreth, Holbrook, Holdrege, Holstein, Huntley, Imperial, Inavale*, Indianola, Inman, Juniata, Kearney, Keene*, Kenesaw, Kimball, Laurel, Lawrence, Lewellen, Lexington, Lisco*, Litchfield, Lodgepole, Long Pine, Loomis, Loup City, Lyman, Macon*, Marquette, Mason City, Maxwell, McCook, Milligan, Minatare, Minden, Mitchell, Moorefield, Morrill, Naponee, Neligh, Nelson, Newport, North Loup, Northport, O’Neill, Oakdale, Odessa*, Ogallala, Orchard, Ord, Orleans, Oshkosh, Osmond, Overton, Oxford, Palmer, Paxton, Petersburg, Phillips, Plainview, Pleasanton, Polk, Potter, Primrose, Raeville*, Ragan, Randolph, Ravenna, Red Cloud, Republican City, Riverdale, Riverton, Roscoe*, Roseland, Rosemont*, Rushville, Ruskin, Sargent, Saronville, Scotia, Scottsbluff, Shelton, Shickley, Sidney, Spalding, St. Edward, St. Paul, Stamford, Sutherland, Sutton, Terrytown, Trumball, Upland, Utica, Venanago, Waco, Wausa, Western, Wilcox, Willow Island*, Winside,Wood River.

* Unincorporated
** Applicable annexed area only